Sunday 28th November 2021

Match Results

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Well folks what a day It was out on the range at the Last Frontier. Today was the annual One Arm Bill memorial shoot, and there was a great line up of 23 eager shooters on the line to show what they were made of, and try and get their name proudly engraved on the One Arm Bill trophy.

Results for pairs

To One Arm Bill’s daughter Trish and grandchildren, from all the cowboys and cowgirls at The last frontier it was a pleasure to see you there to celebrate in the memory of One Arm Bill.

Speaking of family, it was also a great pleasure to have the company of Gringo’s daughter Allee and grandson Banjo on the Range. Gringo passed a short time ago and was a great friend to many and an avid cowboy who love to send some lead down range, You will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

After the competition everyone made their way back to the club house for a lovely lunch and tasty desert, that was provided by Lakota, Teacher and Minnie Ha Ha. After lunch the results were read out and the One Arm bill trophy was presented by the Sheriff of Tinstone.

The One Arm Bill memorial shoot is made up of two categories. The first being the individual winners for the competition and the second category being the One Arm Bill trophy winners that are made up of shooting partners.

The results are as follows, individual winners for the competition; 1st place Phillin….. 2nd place Cowboy Troy….. and third place Johnny Sylva, well done cowboys. The overall winning pair of the One Arm Bill memorial shoot goes to…… Drum roll please…… COWBOY TROY and JOHNSON, great work cowboys.

The next cowboy action shoot will be on the 5th December starting at 9am. This will be the last cowboy action shoot for 2021 at The Last Frontier.