Sunday 24th October 2021

Match Results

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What another great day on the range, mother nature turned on a beautiful spring day although it was a bit hotter than usual and the fluids had to be kept up.

There where twenty one shooters on the line and all cowboys and cowgirls had great fun sending lead down range. As usual there was lots of laughs and a great time had by all.

There were some misses that never found their target but hey one has to let off a few warning shots right. Then on the other end of the scale there was also some clean stages that never went a stray and all shots found their target.

Congratulations to the following place getters, 1st place went to Cowboy Troy, 2nd place went to Johnny Sylva and third place went to Lakota, well done cowboys.

Just a heads up to all members of the Last Frontier, there will be a working bee held on the 31st of October 2021 (next week end) at the range starting at 8.30am. There are many jobs that need to be attended to, If you can bring what ever tools you think you may need that would be good, Sausage sizzle for lunch afterwards.