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The Last Frontier in the Making


6th. December,2015.
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Our last shoot for 2015 started with a derringer and finished off with a clay quite a variation in the five action packed stages. Grizzley James took out the top honours, congratulations Grizzley. Once again Minnie Ha Ha provided us with a Christmas Dinner and her own bake plum pudding cream and custard. Oh, damit I knew you were going to come ? should have went to spec savers so you could have read the date more clearly. Checkout the scores here : Match Final Main Match 12062015.pdf


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Too good to miss, that was the last shoot for 2013.... a great fun day was had by all as we tried to find that elusive chicken that we needed for Christmas Dinner. Well , eventually we found him and his mate too, then we each spent twenty rounds on his mate, then couldn't eat the clucker. It was Minnie Ha Ha to the rescue with a fabulous two course Christmas Dinner...want to know what we had ? Sorry you should have been here.
After Bad Al Zimas superior win last shoot the Match Directors decided to put him on a serious handicap for this shoot just to encourage him to try a little harder this month. I personally think that they went too far this time. For the new year, 2014 the first shoot is on the 2nd.February.
Thankyou to all of you that has made this years shooting at The Last Frontier the success that it has been....
"May your hearts and those of your families be filled with Love and Peace this Christmas 2013." signed The Sheriff of Tinstone & Minnie Ha Ha. Here's the score for today : Match Final Main Match Christmas Shoot.pdf


Bal Al Zima.jpg (54197 bytes)possee.jpg (325385 bytes)posse.jpg (401163 bytes)possee (600x800).jpg (417623 bytes)A perfect day once again Last Frontier style with uncomplicated five stages of shooting fun. Bad Al Zima cleaned the day reaching 81 years young today. Happy Birthday and Congratulations Bad Al, we will all be so blessed to reach such an achievement and still be able to compete to your satisfaction and persistence. We apologise for forgetting the cake, I hope the party made up for that. You will find the scores right here in the pdf : Match Final Main Match 01122013.pdf

xmas_shoot_1.jpg (113104 bytes)xmas_shoot_2.jpg (101433 bytes)Today's Stages of getting and cooking the turkey and the Christmas Dinner produced by Minnie Ha Ha served by Angela, Katrina and Marleen was an excellent way to finish to 2012. A special thanks to all of you that made 
it a fantastic day.
"May your hearts and those of your families be filled with Love and Peace this Christmas 2012." signed The Sheriff of Tinstone & Minnie Ha Ha.
For the scores look here : 23122012.pdf



Wild Bill Fisher.jpg (44484 bytes)"Good Morning ! Welcome to the Last Frontier, how are you all today ? " were those familiar words  spoken by the Sheriff. Did you hear them ? You didn't well don't be too disappointed as we still have one shoot to go before the Christmas Holiday shutdown. Guess we may catch up with you on the 23rd.December 2012 as the first shoot for 2013 is not until the 3rd.February,2013. Today's five stages were a breeze with close targets all around made for fast shooting. The temperature wasn't too bad either. Pictured is the Sheriff with Wild Bill Fisher receiving his winning Certificate at the Doc Holiday Memorial Shoot. You can check today's scores here : 02122012.pdf


wpe4.jpg (47629 bytes)
"Merry Christmas Everyone !!!"
I know times are tough,
and Thing's are hard,
You should have been here today,
cause Just ask those that were.
But still here's your Christmas Card.



LesterMoore.jpg (117838 bytes)"Merry Christmas Everyone !!!" What a fantastic day for the last shoot of 2010,we were Blessed with sunshine shining between the clouds, of course once the days events came to a close yes we were welcomed again with some glorious rain. Five stages were shot today some long, some short, some simple with some twists in others all added up to excellent day of fun shooting. Another highlight of the day was seeing us all shooting in the movie "The Last Frontier" produced by Lakota...thankyou Lakota. Then we all sat down to Christmas Dinner. A meal that would surpass any Shindig standard, a big thankyou to Al Swearigen and Minnie Ha Ha. Yep even Christmas pudding and cream, sorry you weren't here. You will find the scores here in the pdf file.05122010.pdf


6th December,2009.
alabamanopony.jpg (97303 bytes)cptjackson.jpg (71221 bytes)
"Merry Christmas Everyone" was the basis of the words needed to start the timer of today's exciting stages. Twenty-nine shooters in total with twenty-eight shooting the main event. The shoot was challenging but still simple enough for all to enjoy, maybe if you have not been to the Last Frontier, then you should to see just how it is to shoot a real Cowboy Action Match. We offer professional coaching to those that wish to learn the wonderful game of Cowboy Action.
The yearly Most Improved Shooter Perpetual Trophy was presented to Lakota. Well done Lakota.
Christmas09.jpg (108756 bytes) Congratulations on a mighty fine effort Minnie Ha Ha and Helpers for the tasty Christmas Dinner complete with Christmas Pudding, Custard and Cream. Thankyou to Lester Moore for providing the Christmas Tree and to Minnie Ha Ha for providing the decorations.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from Minnie Ha Ha and the Sheriff of Tinstone. See you at our next shoot on the 24th January,2010.Todays scores are here 06122009.pdf


7th December,2008.
onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)The Seasons Greetings to you all. 
Well, another year has slipped by, where has it gone? I guess that's the way it is as we are drawn into this mixed up world. We seem to forget about time as it passes us by ever so quickly. It shows how important it is to appreciate those close to us, and the things we have, and to give thanks for the "now" this present time. 
Yes, it is very important that we recognise this as "yesterday" doesn't matter and "tomorrow will never come. 
The shooting today was again of an enjoyable standard. It was ever so good to see you all having the time of your life. Sure, some of the targets were allusive and got away. I guess that's what makes Cowboy Action the enjoyable sport it is.
Five stages were shot over a combined Pat Garret and Traditional national type scenarios. The winners of the Pat Garret stages were : Cpt.Augustus McCrae and Bull Shot as runner up.
The yearly Most Improved Shooter Perpetual Trophy was presented to No Pony. Johnson done the honors.
To end this shooting season lunch today was Christmas Dinner complete with ham and chicken with plum pudding custard and cream served after. Thankyou Minnie Ha Ha  and Hiawatha.We would like to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.
:and to see the overall placings for today click on the 07122008.pdf  file.
The next shoot is on January 4th. 2009.


December 23rd,2007. Christmas 2007 Shoot... A full complementary day was provided to all those that attended. The stages were shot in similar conditions to what they were at the last shoot, overcast with light rain starting as we ended Stage 5. The rain got a little more serious as we commenced the Traditional Chrismas Dinner complete with all the goodies of the Festive Season. Minnie Ha Ha and myself The Sheriff of Tinstone would like to thank all of you that have helped make The Last Frontier the success it is. We would also like to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Next Shoot is January 6th.2008.


December 2nd,2007. A great five stage shoot set up by Minnie Ha Ha with cool overcast conditions made for an excellent day of Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier. Thankyou Minnie Ha Ha. Practise firing out to 200 metres was the shoot for the afternoon with the event not finishing until late in the afternoon. The Christmas Shoot this year is on the 23rd.December,2007.


December 24th, 2006,Christmas Breakup. The five courses of fire were designed and set-up by Ugly Al. Thankyou Ugly Al for giving us a day of difference with plenty of cowboy action and fun. Lunch was on the house and what a meal it was, venison BBQ steaks and salad and yes the Traditional Christmas steamed pudding with custard, provided by Minnie Ha Ha. Thankyou Minnie Ha Ha.
mex.jpg (105857 bytes) Special awards went to:
For efforts throughout the year and Costumes Award: Blue Star and Nebraska Dude pictured here in their costumes at "The Mexican Shootout".
Most Improved new shooter Award : Ugly Al.
For the scores on the day click here 241206.pdf on the pdf file.
The first shoot for 2007 will be held on the 7th January,2007.


December 3rd,2006 saw the dawn breaking on The Last Frontier with a beautiful sunrise, the sky was covered with a thin layer of cloud, the gaps letting the golden rays of the sun break through, Sundance Kid, Etta Place, The County Judge and Lady Nell had already arrived and camped the night in readiness for the Stages to be presented. Click on the pdf file 0312006.pdf to view your scores. Click on the pics below to meet some of the winners on the day.

AlSundance.jpg (85170 bytes)friends.jpg (110683 bytes)LadySlimMinnieHaHa.jpg (111886 bytes)

LadyNell1.jpg (94998 bytes)min.jpg (93426 bytes)johnkate.jpg (97356 bytes)

NellLittleJoe.jpg (86623 bytes)counjudge.jpg (90405 bytes)klonkev.jpg (73107 bytes)LadySlimMinnieHaHa.jpg (111886 bytes)

The Last Frontier is having a "Stagecoach and Buggy Boot Sale" or if you like you can call it a "Frontier Swap Meet" to be held on the Saturday in between the shooting at "The Cowgirl 07" the first weekend in February 07. Bring along those unwanted items like guns, ammo, camping gear, ect ...its your call. Remember your Trash is someone else's Treasure. Bring along those never used guns/rifles and try them out at long range up to 1400feet per second or pistol calibre cowboy silhouette or some of the side matches. Click on the link below to nominate.Get your Nomination form here for "The Cowgirl 07" Don't forget Nominate before December 25th,2006 and be in the running to have your nomination refunded in full.

December 4th 2005,best ever Christmas breakup and the Stages were very different too, weather was warm and there were smiles all 'round. I here say some had difficulties ridin' the Indian braves pony bare back with knife between their teeth..... Also hear Sundance Kid done an injury to himself on the same horse... How about the Corral Stage with Bad Ass Wallace and his fancy new Clay thrower and the sticks of dynamite thrown by "Stumpy"...all I can say is that if you weren't here you missed out on a beauty...Thanks Eric...Well that's all the shootin' for this year. See you all at The Last Frontier for the next shoot on New Years Day.
Special awards went to:
Efforts throughout the year Costumes : One Armed Bill Wilson.
Most Improved new shooter : Jack the Blade Slade.

Top place getters were :

1.The Sheriff
2.Douglas Mortimer
4.Tom Dooley
5.Rick O'Shea
6.Sundance Kid
7.Cpt J C Jackson
8.I D Claire
9.Bad Al Zima
10.Grizzley James
11.Nebraska Dude
12.Bad Ass Wallace
13.Jack the Blade Slade
14.Rea Coyle
15.Minnie Ha Ha
16.Bull Shot
17.Blue Star
19.Dead Eye Dick
20.One Armed Bill Wilson
21.Cute Ass Wallace.

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