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24th January,2021.
Hound Dog Old Dude Flintock (600x800).jpg (367472 bytes)It was certainly pleasing to see the excellent numbers turn up for our first shoot of the year each one of you were winners.
The top shooters were : Johnny Sylva, Lakota, Bad Al Junior, Vaquero Diego, Grizzly James, Bear, Rosco, Farron West, Running Water, Hound Dog, Buster Giggs, Myles Long, Six Gun Chambers, Teacher, Old Dude, Daisy Meadows, Major, Johnson, Blaze, Doc Dr
iver. Checkout the scores here : match finaltt 01242021.pdf



Bat Masterson (598x800).jpg (441696 bytes)
Happy New Year to you all. Holidays are over, are you ready for another action packed year of Cowboy Action and Silhouette Shooting ? News to Hand : Starting after the next shoot weather pending we will be shooting a round of 25 clay targets, cost to shoot a 25 target round, $10.00 ie. assuming that you have already paid your range fee. We had an excellent attendance today with two new shooters in attendance and visitors from Brisbane to Gladstone. Winner of the Speed Stage was Bat Masterson with the overall 5 stage Winner going to Mungo. Pictured is Bat Masterson runner up. However Congratulations must go out to all of you that took the time to attend, thank you. match finaltt Main Match 01272019.pdf


Mungo BP.jpg (386715 bytes)
Welcome and Happy New Year. A pleasant change in temperatures made for an excellent start of Cowboy Action for 2018. We wish our overall winner and clean shooter for today, Mungo a safe and successful journey to New Zealand in the coming week. We know he will do his best in shooting for Australia. Dastardly Dunk fully enjoyed his first Cowboy Action shoot and went home smiling. New member Rosco and visitor Frank did the same. Our next shoot at The Last Frontier will be this coming Sunday 4th.February,2018,may see you there ? Pictured Overall winner Mungo with Runner up Philin with the timer.Looking for the scores : match finaltt Main Match 28012018.pdf


sheriff2017.jpg (134275 bytes)
Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017,our first shoot and a perfect day for dressing up
, the day was cool and cloudy after last nights 7.5 mms of gentle rain. The Scenarios were pleasant to shoot with the Sheriff cleaning the match. The small dedicated following had a fantastic day. Center fire Pistol Silhouette Match : Chisholm shot his personal best with a score of 31 out of 40 shots, the 200 meter ram proving to be the most allusive target of all. Congratulations Chisholm. Our next shoot is on the 5th.February,2017. Oh the scores are here : Match Final Main Match 01222017.pdf


Welcome to our first shoot for 2016, it was a hot one but still everyone had a very enjoyable time shooting a shoot with different challenges. Our overall winner today, congratulations goes to Chance.Congratulations also goes to Chisholm with his top scores in the Metallic Sillhouette competition. A special thankyou also must go to Chisholm for the manufacture and delivery of the Chisholm Star, the set of six self setting bank of targets and the self setting shotgun target. All of which endured a workout today. Interested in the scores ? click here Match Final Main Match 01242016.pdf


gringo.jpg (83519 bytes)
Welcome to our first shoot for 2015 and a Happy New year to all
Congratulations goes to Chisholm, First place in Pistol Metallic Sillhouette out to 200 metres, why don't you too come and have ago at this ?



19th. January,2013.
Picture 019.jpg (89923 bytes)Looking for your input : I thought maybe whilst this hot weather is around maybe we should start shooting at 8 am instead of 9 am. Please email me with your thoughts at sheriff@lastfrontier.com.au  
Adios, Sheriff of Tinstone.


Weather conditions today was in reverse to that of the extreme temperatures that we endured the previous shoot. Intermittent showers were also part of the theme. Once again there were stories to tell after it was all over....some just shook there heads in disbelief and said with a smile, "Well there is always next time". FrontierExpress2010.jpg (104931 bytes)I guess the highlight of the day was getting the gold off the Frontier Express freight train.... We play again on the 5th.February,2012, off course bang on 9am. For those requiring paperwork on to be done on shoot days please be here at no later then 8am otherwise it cannot be done until after lunch. You may check the scores here 22012012.pdf

Happy New Year to you all.
Yes today was the starter for 2012,a warm one I must say however the five stages set for plenty of excitement and smiles. Maybe you would like to visit us on the 22nd January and join in the fun....starts bang on 9am.
If you have a look here you will see the results for today...08012012.pdf

okcorral.jpg (95168 bytes)23rd January,2011.
It was the first shoot for 2011. Five stages all being imported from U.S.A. yes you don't need to travel any further then The Last Frontier if you want to see how it is really done Internationally not to mention the fabulous stage set by Al Swearegen, its a shame you weren't here to experience it.
If you check out the scores you may know someone that was here to ask what it was all about, I am sure they are still smiling. Todays scores are here 23012011.pdf
Upcoming major Events at The last Frontier :The Doc Holiday Memorial shoot will be held this year on the 3rd.and 4th.September,2011,hosted by Noosa Shooters Supplies. 
Saturday 3rd.September,2011 will see "The Last Frontier Cowboy Clays Open" being shot over three courses of fire, a 75 target event, as well as side events. 
Sunday 4th.September,2011 will see six stages of Cowboy Action being shot.

24th January,2010.
FrontierExpress2010.jpg (104931 bytes)ShadyLadies2010.jpg (87123 bytes)
Everyone that attended today's opening match agreed that the five stages were fantastic. The weather was a little warm but that didn't stop the fun and enjoyment of just being a cowboy.The Last Frontier has had quite a extensive Picture 019.jpg (89923 bytes) makeover in the past month with most of the facades being rebuilt and or repainted. A special thanks to the helpers and donators, Lakota fastest Indian with a brush, Al Swearegen and M.J.for their kind contributions, Lester Moore and Minnie Ha Ha and Timothy in the restoration work. Should you wish to view the scores click on this pdf file.24012010.pdf


25th January,2009.
Today was quite a warm but very fine day. The shoot went without a hitch a few went home scratching there heads at where a couple of their shots went. But they know they missed the mark but WHY  ????. SMILE.... Even Alabama Slama's 45.70 works again now that one of shooters found the cause of why it was jamming on the first round... the problem was soon fixed once the jammed round was freed...Ugly Al had his fair share of problems until Gringo wised him up...Thankyou Gringo.
Due to technical problems I only have the top nine place getters for today. Winner of the Pat Garrett was Bad Al Zima. Runner up was Alabama Slama.
Over all winner of the five stages was Bad Al Zima followed by Ugly Al, Larramie Lloyd, No Pony, Johnson, Alabama Slama, Gringo, Lester Moore, and One Armed Bill Wilson who went home sick.Get Well soon Bill.
See you all next month on the 1st February,2009.

onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)Sunday 4th January,2009.
What an excellent day for our first shoot in 2009. The weather was cool and it only reached 28 degrees, the cloud was plentiful and the breezes were just what was needed to make for a wonderful day of Cowboy Action Shooting.
To all of you that attended congratulations and thankyou for your support from both Minnie Ha Ha and myself the Sheriff of Tinstone. Five stages were shot including three stages of Pat Garrett. The winners of the Pat Garrett were : Cpt J C Jackson and Bad Al Zima in second place.
Click here to see the overall results 04012009.pdf


Sunday 27th January,2008.
The Last Frontier was provided with a day of excellent warm weather. A great bunch of cowboys and cowgirls turned up to test themselves against the challenging scenarios, and at the end of the day everyone was a winner and went home in high spirits ready to do it all again next weekend. A special thanks to Little Joe and Cpt.J.C.Jackson for manually configuring the days scores for until we get a new scoring computer thats the way it will be. R.I.P. old computer. Next Shoot February 3rd.

Sunday 6th January,2008.
Another very happy and fun day at The Last Frontier, the weather was a touch on the warm side but the five stages set up by Minnie Ha Ha were all over by noon. Great shoot Minnie Ha Ha. A couple of the well known shooters had their share of the jitters but good sportsmanship was a



Sunday January 28th 2007.
It was great to see another good attendance, the weather was warm but that's what we can expect for a mid summer shoot, however, that always present Last Frontier cooling breeze eased the situation some what. My Father once told me " Son remember whatever you do. Do it your best". Some people think I am disciplined, it is not discipline - it is devotion. There is a great difference and I guess that is why we have such an excellent shooting venue called "The Last Frontier." Today's shoot was an example of how great the stages will be at next weeks "Cowgirl 07". It will be fantastic to see more devoted shooters take part.
3rd February:
Saturday morning Long Range Rifle and Cowboy/Cowgirl Silhouette, Cowboy/Cowgirl Clays and Australia' s first Frontier Swap Meet. 
Saturday afternoon stages 1 to 5 of the main match. 
Saturday Night Talent Quest. 
4th February: Sunday morning stages 6 to 10.Click on the link to nominate. "The Cowgirl 07" Its not too late to Nominate.
 Lets get rid of the stupid rumor that's getting spread.
"The Cowgirl 07" is not a dress up as a Cowgirl Shoot. Get together with the Real Cowboys/Cowgirls and come and have a great weekend of Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier.
Click here to view the scores for today..280107.pdf

January 7th 2007.
The first shoot for the new year was written by Ugly Al. Yes a mighty fine effort I must say, there was plenty of humour and stacks of action. Everyone that I saw went home with smiles on their faces, guess that must tell me something.Whipcrackers.jpg (117256 bytes) Just before lunch we were treated to a whip cracking display by two of our visitors down from Kingaroy. see pic Brent and Tayla Barbeler. Thankyou Brent and Tayla. Don't forget to nominate for "Cowgirl 07" its on early February. Long Range Rifle and side events Saturday morning then Five Stages Saturday afternoon five stages Sunday. Scores for January 7th 2007 click here.070107.pdf



jan22.jpg (59961 bytes)January 22nd 06, The Shoot was presented by Rick O'Shea and Rea Coyle, congratulations to you both on a wonderful effort...Five great Stages with plenty of action and to top the day off a tasty lunch prepared by Minnie Ha Ha and ....YES...a midday Shindig with top Country and Western Singing sensations Noel and Pam Simonsen. Our special International guest today was Sam O'Neil from Nebraska U.S.A. (pictured above L/R Rick O'Shea, Minnie Ha Ha, The Sheriff and Sam O'Neil)
Rick and Rea Coyle presented several special trophies.RickReCoyle.jpg (57123 bytes)Here they are pictured on the left making the awards with Miss Kitty in the background. .                                           

The top Twenty-three shooters on the day were :
1.The Sheriff
2.Douglas Mortimer
3.Will Penny
4.Hoss Bess
5.Rick O'Shea
6.Cpt Aug McCrae
8.Grizzly James
9.Bad Al Zimer
10.Sundance Kid
12.Old Dude
13.Cpt J.C.Jackson
14.Jack the Blade Slade
15.Rea Coyle
16.Nebraska Dude
17.Blue Star
18.Minnie Ha Ha
19.Slim Pickins
21.Bull Shot
22.One Armed Bill Wilson
23.Pistol Dawn.

January 2006.New Years day was a terrific day to start the year with 5 challenging stages of Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier. A very warm welcome to visitors Alan and Russell from Toogum and Gympie and Sam from Nebraska U.S.A. 
Stage# 1 "Life Sure Can Be Cruel" It all started when one evening when you were only 12 years old, you and your folks had just sat down to supper when it all happened. The dog started to bark, that familiar warning, trouble was comin'. Your father opened the door to see a band of yahoo's lookin to do no good. As he closed the door a shot rang out and he fell to the floor. He yells "Get the guns", so your mother grabs all the guns and ammo in the house.......and the rest is history.
Well all I can say is to those that didn't turn up to The Last Frontier, you missed another great day of Cowboy Action. The weather was very kind, slightly overcast and much cooler then the previous days.
The Top 10 Shooters on the day :
1.The Sheriff
2.Jack the Blade Slade
3.Blue Star
4.Nebraska Dude
5.Minnie Ha Ha
6.The Rustler
7.One Armed Bill Wilson
8.Lester Moore
9.Deputy Sam


Updated 14th. February,2021.