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The Last Frontier in the Making

 Man in the Big Grey Hat

I would like to share with you all this poem written March 2004 by Paskinel SASA # 7976.

He hailed from up round Gympie way, a desperate man at that.
He walked tall and lean and purpose in his stride,
and he wore a big grey hat
When he drew on you your time was up, that's just the way it is.
Experience abounds in this man, all gained by true grit,
You'll never find him shirking and defiantly never quit.
He faced the toughest desperado that any man could face,
Death knocked at his door, so close was the pace.
But divine intervention and faith pulled him through
To God he gave thanks and we know this is true.
His knowledge he imparts with humility and grace
And his acceptance of this is written in his face.
Let's thank the Lord for men such as this
For to shoot with him is just heavenly bliss.
His range he built with his own hands at that
This man from Gympie with the big grey hat.
Sheriff of Tinstone is his name, if you haven't already guessed
And of people I've known he is one of the best.
So dip your hat when you see this man
We need more of him in this big brown land.
So see to your guns all shooters  true and sound
And let's have some fun while life still abounds.
We have no promise of tomorrow,
None at that
So lets take example,
From the man with the big grey hat.

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