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Attention : Please be advised that the Range will be closed Easter Day April 4th. 2021. There will be no Cowboy Action that day.

April 28th.2019.
Buster Gold Nationals (598x800).jpg (313968 bytes)Faron West Holster Proficiency (598x800).jpg (309838 bytes)
Bat Masterson April Winner (598x800).jpg (289687 bytes)Thank you Faron West for your devoted time in preparing today's five stages. Some new sweeps were incorporated with the likes of the Johnson Sweep and the Deadwood Shuffle, they have never been shot before, I guess it only happens at The Last Frontier. Congratulations to all of you that accepted the challenge, our overall winner for today was central Queensland shooter Bat Masterson (pictured on the left) followed by Chance in second place. You may inspect the scores below. Club member Buster Giggs is (pictured right) holding his Gold Medal that he won at the National Titles in Victoria also  (pictured in the centre)is Faron West holding his holster proficiency Certificate. The scores are here :match finaltt Main Match 04282019.pdf

April 7th.2019.
seenooevil.jpg (367263 bytes)The_Teacher_small.jpg (5666 bytes)
With perfect weather conditions today the roll call was very disappointing, however a very enjoyable day was had by all that attended. Following the true spirit of the game congratulations goes to Lakota for being our clean match shooter, sure those shotgun targets were a little troublesome at times with only one barrel, weren't they ? Mortimer Shot very well and was the overall match winner, congratulations Mortimer. Shotgun Billy proved to be very elusive. match finaltt Main Match 04072019.pdf  

April 22nd.2018. 
actionsheriff.jpg (98772 bytes)Well, we are back to having perfect weather conditions, warm and sunny days after the good rains of the later part of this past week, 52 mms in total. Once again the Last Frontier hosted a good roll up of eager Cowboy Action Shooters. I had spent quite a bit of time this week setting up for those wanting some serious practice before they set off to the upcoming Queensland State Titles. I trust that all those going to the Titles received benefit from today's scenarios thus making my time not being wasted. Here's how the day ended up : Main Match 04222018.pdf

April 23rd.2017.
Pearl-Starr (598x800).jpg (413852 bytes)
Our special guests today here at The Last Frontier were Pearl-Starr  and Chuck Wagon. Chuck Wagon was certainly in top form with his best stage today shot in only 9.09 seconds, congratulations. Thankyou to Chuck Wagon for your advises. An excellent day was had by all. Mortimer managed to pull off second place with Pearl-Starr hot on his heels. Best wishes and straight shooting to those fortunate enough to be able to shoot at the Queensland State Titles next weekend at Mareeba in north Queensland. Check out the scores for today :Match Final Main Match 04232017.pdf

April 2nd.2017.
Nebraska (598x800).jpg (428923 bytes)
"There's more than hay in that wagon" When the shooting started a frightened chicken jumped out of the wagon, a10 second bonus if you were able to capture it. Yes another mighty fine day of Cowboy Action at the Last Frontier. Overall winner was Mungo, congratulations well deserved. Chisholm was able to take out the Metallic Silhouette award. First place in the shotgun event was Ugly Al with a score of 19 followed by Greg with 17 and Sandi in third place with 12. The Range has certainly had its fair share of rain with 428mls recorded over the past couple of weeks. We wish you all a very Happy and Safe Easter Our next shoot is on the 23rd.April,2017. Scores : Match Final Main Match 04022017.pdf


April 24th.2016.
KarateFeb15.jpg (83148 bytes)
Firstly to all shooters heading off to the State Titles, Shoot well and have a safe journey. Tell them the Sheriff sent you.
Pictured is Karate Kid in action. Our shoot was a little different this time with a new target called "The Chisholm Swinger" some were a little put off with its swinging action of 20 swings at 15 yards, however names like Karate Kid, Grizzly James, Old Dude, Taw Jackson, Flintstone, Bad Al Junior, Minnie Ha Ha to name a few, took it in their stride and done very well.
The day was cool with a freshening breeze blowing made for a good shoot. Congratulations must go to Grizzly James for being the overall winner. New junior shooter Mari Jane shot for the first time and I must say her skills were impressive. Scores today are right here : Match Final Main Match 04242016.pdf


April 3rd.2016.
BayShootout98.jpg (105149 bytes) Congratulations go to the group of Last Frontier Members that took time off and attended the Easter shoot at Dalby. You all done very well with Mungo taking out second place overall. Today's five stages started off with the "running of the White Emperor" followed up with "a place that all Champions practice". The scores are right here : Match Final Main Match 04032016.pdf


April 26th.2015.
bullshotlaramiemort.jpg (102275 bytes)
"Remember the old days ?" Well today was one of them and next Sunday 3rd.May we will endeavor to setup another five fun stages from yesteryear for you to enjoy Western Action the way it was in the 90's. A great roll up today for which I say thankyou.
Centerfire Pistol Metallic Silhouette shooters had a great time but didn't keep the scores. You will find the results right here Match Final Main Match 04262015.pdf


April 27th.2014.
Frontier Junction new (598x800).jpg (408473 bytes)
Firstly congratulations to our members who have just competed in the Dalby Easter Shoot, from what I can see from perusing the scores, you all shot very well. Today was a very informative day being brought up to date with the changes in the SASS rules by those that attended the RO courses yesterday, we now have another four Range Officers, congratulations and thankyou. Our Stages today were somewhat of a mixed bag with plenty of excitment and action to contend with. Our new Frontier Junction is now taking shape as you will see in the picture attached. Want some scores, well just click here : Match Final Main Match 04272014.pdf


April 6th.2014.
Well, who said it doesn't get any better ? The rain was a blessing 173 mm in total and now the range has been transformed into a carpet of green as the new grass emerges. Today we had a day of great stages and they were fast and well designed to test out the true avid Cowboy Action Shooter. An excellent test for those going to the Easter Shoot at Dalby, by the way my wish to all of you that are going a safe trip and good shooting. Todays winner was Mungo closely contested by the Sundance Kid. You will find the scores here in the pdf : Match Final Main Match 06042014.pdf
Our new facade is now taking shape as you will see soon. Thankyou to Jack Beauregard and Sundance Kid and Lakota.

April 28th.2013.
mungo.jpg (51258 bytes)
As always the Last Frontier has put on another fun filled day of Cowboy Action. Our overall winner for today was Mungo, congratulations Mungo (pictured in black) should you not be a regular attendee I guess you will need to come along next week the 5th.May,2013 to experience another great shoot. You will need 50 rounds for your pistol, 50 rounds for your rifle and 25 rounds for your shotgun. Shooting starts bang on 9am. Here's today's scores : 28042013.pdf


April 7th.2013.
Rowdy Joe1.jpg (74174 bytes)
Not enjoying your shooting ? May I suggest that you give "The Last Frontier" a go for a change, you will actually find that the enjoyment will come back into your shooting life and will leave you wondering why you didn't try Cowboy Action before. Shooting this way is as close as you can get to the Wild West short of a time machine. Yes, today's match was exciting and challenging but not exhausting for anyone. You may see the scores right here in the pdf file. :07042013.pdf




April 22nd.2012.
bullshotlaramiemort.jpg (102275 bytes)
May 6th. 2012 is the date of our next shoot, just as today it will be a fantastic one and of course there will be five new scenarios to test out your skills. Al Swearegen has asked for you to bring along your ideas to help generate a bigger and better then ever "Cowboy 12" "Doc Holiday Memorial Shoot". A discussion about it will be held after the shoot over lunch. Here's today's scores : 22042012.pdf
you can find us now on facebook.



April 22nd. 2012.
badalzima.jpg (87467 bytes)
April Fools Day...there was no fooling around today just plenty of good fun shooting the way we know best even though attendance was well down from that of last weeks. For those of us that were here we had the opportunity to host the Tin Can Bay Camera Club and to be stars....I recond many hundreds of  action photos were taken. Thankyou Tin Can Bay Camera Club I trust that your outing was an enjoyable one for you just as it was for us.
Al Swearegen is looking for constructive ides for this years Cowboy 12, please come forward should you have something to offer, your input will be greatly appreciated.
1st and 2nd September,2012.are the dates to be at The Last Frontier for "The Cowboy 12" nom. forms not avail. just now. 
Todays scores read this way : 01042012.pdf

April 3rd.2011. 
LittleJoe.jpg (62480 bytes)Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier just gets better and better and now the bar has been lifted with the costumes. The cowboys and cowgirls have certainly got their heart in the right place. Congratulations on your costuming, we don't need a time machine here to see what the West was all about. Congratulations also goes to Little Joe, today's overall winner of the five stages of international standard, Event. The scores are here under the pdf file. 03042011.pdf


April 25th,2010.
Mort Pistol.jpg (90482 bytes)
I have very little to report other then to say "you should have been here", the weather was spectacular as was the five action packed stages. I guess my favorite stage was "The Luck Shot Saloon" well that's where I forgot to load my pistols. Thankyou Swampfox. I would like to wish all those representing us at the State Titles next week the very best of luck, shoot straight and remember the Spirit of the Game. If you click here you will find today's scores.25042010.pdf


April 26th,2009.
Today was a day very similar to that of the same time last year (read below). I wish to sincerely thank all those persons for their cards, phone calls and get well wishes and to those that visited me in the Noosa Hospital during my long three weeks stay after major surgery due to adhesions growing from my previous operation last year. Those that shot the five action packed stages today, Congratulations on a mighty fine effort. Pat Garrett was won by Swampfox followed by Wild Bill Fisher. As its too early for me to put the guns on...but it won't be long, seeing your enjoyment gave me such a great feeling. Now I can tell you, hospital wasn't like that. Click on the pdf file to view today's scores. 26042009.pdf

April 27th,2008. An outstanding day with clear skies and a cool 12 to 28 degrees just perfect for dressing up and having a great time playing cowboys. This was the last shoot before the State Titles next weekend at Gladstone. If your going and not nominated as of now contact Rusty Barrels pronto. He is waiting for your call.
Thankyou to those persons who came forward and are interested in presenting "Cowboy 08" in August here at The Last Frontier. Todays stages were set as final practice stages for the Titles and I believe all those that shot them received some benefit in one way or another. Click on the pdf file to view the scores.270408.pdf

April 6th.2008. Shooters please note that there will be no shoot on the 4th May at The Last Frontier due to the Queensland State Titles being held at Gladstone that weekend.
The Sheriff is seeking a person or persons to organise, set-up and run the "Cowboy 08" this August. The shoot can be over two days or just one day on the 24th August,2008. Please contact the Sheriff for more details, your support would be greatly appreciated.
johnson's donkey.jpg (125153 bytes) Today's Shoot was shot in changing weather conditions. Yes it was a great day for those to hone their skills in readiness for the State Titles. Five different stages made for an excellent days enjoyment. It was also welcoming to see more new faces this week that want to try their hand at shooting. Click on the link to view today's scores. 06042008.pdf

April 22nd.2007. Shooters please note that there will not be a shoot at The Last Frontier on the 6th May due to the Queensland State Titles being conducted at Wondai. The five Stages for today were prepared again and presented by Cpt. J.C.Jackson. Thankyou Captain. And what a great shoot it was !! Saving the shady ladies, now that was a great stage and how about the sheriff and deputy being held as hostages. Who were the one's that gained the 10 seconds per shot penalty for hitting the hostages. I see there were a few !!! The day produced many smiles...Well done Captain. Click on the pdf file to view the scores.220407.pdf


April 1st.2007. At The Last Frontier shooters today had the last chance to hone in on their skills for the Easter shootout at Dalby next weekend. Today we had another five great stages setup by Cpt. J.C.Jackson and that was the order of the days shooting. Well done Cpt.Jackson. I loved the Barn Wall and the bits of timber going everywhere. Special guests today were Sergeant Moore and Mrs Moore cap n ball shooters of the Valley Rattler fame. Click on the pdf file 010407.pdf to view todays scores.


ap2.jpg (128207 bytes)April 23rd,2006 was the last practice shoot before the ap.jpg (106829 bytes)Queensland State Titles at Ripley to be held next weekend 29/30 April. ap1.jpg (122848 bytes)8am saw the first of the cowboys and cowgirls rolling up to The Last Frontier for 5 more stages complete with history lessons by Captain J.C.Jackson, and what a great shoot it was yeah sure there was a little bit of thinking to be done..but the stages were very interesting...good work Captain
Click on this pdf file to view the scores 2304.pdf  230406.pdf
Placings for todays round of Cowboy Clays:
1.Greg M.
2.Kevin B.
3.Eric G.
3.Mic R.
4.Mal S.
5.Tim S.
6.Judy C.

April 2nd,2006.actionstation.jpg (105939 bytes)Pictured below left,Captain J.C.Jackson watching the shootout at Frontier Station.He sure put on a good shoot complete with history lessons. actionsheriff.jpg (98772 bytes)smilesundance.jpg (80339 bytes)The right picture shows posse # 2 at the Sheriffs Office, in the centre is the Sundance Kid. click on them to view full size. Todays match of Cowboy Clays was won by Cpt Augustus McCrae. Be sure you don't miss Cpt. Jacksons next five lessons to be held at The Last Frontier April 23rd. Shooting starts bang on 9am.
Click on the pdf file to view the scores. 0204.pdf


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