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Sunday 3rd.November,2019
onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)Definitely a cool fun filled day of Cowboy Action at the Last Frontier again today. Pictured the late One Armed Bill Wilson.
Excellent stages, great company, shooting all finished by 12 noon. Both Lakota and Minnie Ha Ha were in top form shooting some of their best times. Remember it not how good you shoot, its how good you look shooting.

Sunday 25th.November,2018.
OneArmedBill Winners 2018.JPG (446398 bytes)
Marshall Law Horse.JPG (3133777 bytes)Deadwood Gunslinger.JPG (2953757 bytes)Johnny Sylva Wagon.JPG (3079130 bytes)Pictured Sheriff Tinstone presenting the winners One Armed Bill Wilson Memorial Trophy Shoot 2018 The Deadwood Gunslinger and Marshall Law. Second was Philin and Roscoe, followed by 3rd.Buster Giggs and Bear, 4th.JP Remington and Teacher,5th. Sam McGee and Farron West, 6th.Grizzly James and Bull Shot, 7th.Johnny Sylva and Bad Al Zima,8th.Lakota and Johnson,9th.Roland and Dusty,10th.Johnny Behan and Spinifex,11th.Bad Al Junior and Minnie Ha Ha,12th.Jack Beauregard and Dusty Rivers, 13th. Princess Running Water and Karate Kid. There were no clean shooters today however the top 3 placings overall were The Deadwood Gunslinger,Philin followed by J.P.Remington. You will find the scores here :match finaltt Main Match 11252018.pdf
Farron West Wagon.JPG (3015800 bytes)Bad Al Wagon.JPG (3017262 bytes)Minnie Ha Ha Wagon.JPG (2934587 bytes)Bad Al JuniorShady Ladies (600x800).jpg (283889 bytes)



Sunday 4th.November,2018.
GoupShadyLadies.jpg (99533 bytes)Once again excellent day with cool breezes made for fast shooting. Top Gun today was Lakota shooting his best times together with shooting a clean match made him the champion for the day. We have now only one shoot left for 2018 ie. The One Armed Bill Wilson Memorial Shoot on the 25th.November,2018, numbers required for catering purposes please, Six Stages nominations $25.00 includes lunch/prizes. Phone 0408986253 see last years roundup below. Today's scores are here : match finaltt Main Match 11042018.pdf

Sunday 26th.November,2017.
Sam Mungo 2017 (600x800).jpg (301604 bytes)
Pictured Sam McGee and Mungo 2017 winners of the One Armed Bill Memorial Trophy. Second was Lakota and Johnny Behan followed by The Sheriff and Sam McGee, Jack Beauregard and Bullshot, Philin and Bad Alzima, Teacher and Waddy, Johnson and Bad Al Junior, Captain Whiplash and Roland, Johnny Sylva and Karate Kid, Farron West and Grizzly James, Buster Giggs and Spinifex. Clean match shooters were Mungo and Grizzly James. The overall winner was Mungo followed by Waddy from Rockhampton. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit us today for this Memorial Event. A special thank you to Minnie Ha Ha for taking the time to prepare the Christmas pudding and wonderful Christmas meal.
Minnie Ha Ha and myself the Sheriff of Tinstone would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and Blessed Christmas and similar for the New Year. Scores for the day are here :match finaltt 11262017.pdf

Sunday 5th.November,2017.
Pictured the late One Armed Bill Wilson :
onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)
To all of you that took the effort and came along to the Last Frontier today I say "Thankyou". The Stages of Cowboy Action were great and everyone had a ball and enjoyed the Chisholm Tombstone Rack, thankyou Chisholm. The overall winner was Mungo followed by Philin and Sundance Kid. Metallic Silhouette shooters visited from Caboolture and Tin Can Bay. Attached are the latest changes to Alias Registration please take note. The next shoot and last shoot for 2017 at The Last Frontier Shooting Range 26th.November,2017,for the One Armed Bill Memorial. Starts bang on 9am with 6 action packed scenarios. Nominations : $25.00 includes lunch by Minnie Ha Ha and prizes by Buster Giggs. Please let Minnie Ha Ha know so as she can organize the catering, we wouldn't want you missing out. phone 54864248. match finaltt Main Match 11052017.pdf  SSAA SINGLE ACTION SHOOTING Alias Protocol.pdf  SSAA- Single Action Shooting Alias Registration (3).pdf


Sunday 27th. November,2016. "Hey Bill its done and dustered for another year." One Armed BullShot and Mungo.jpg (293350 bytes)Bill Memorial shoot was an outstanding day with cool breezes after the night before storm yielding 14 mms, all just the way One Armed Bill would have wanted it. As special guests today we had One Armed Bill's wife Sandra, his daughter Trish and two of his grand childred attend for the day. Mungo was the overall winner with Sundance hot on his heals. Third place in the Memorial shoot was Grizzly James and Marshall Law with 105 points, second place went to Sundance Kid and the Teacher with 96 points and the winners of the One Armed Bill Trophy was Mungo and Bull Shot (pictured) Buster Giggs congratulated and thanked Minnie Ha Ha for preparing the excellent Christmas lunch complete with desserts. Match Final Main Match 11272016.pdf

Sunday 6th.November,2016.
BadAl Sheriff.jpg (283119 bytes)
Today we had a nice cooling breeze blowing most of the day which kept the temperature at an acceptable comfort zone. Bull Shot done well thinking that he had shot it clean but the scores showed one miss, bad luck Bull Shot, there is always next time. Today's shoot was won today by The Sheriff of Tinstone closely followed by Liberty Valance, congratulations Liberty. After much thought given and discussion it was decided that our last shoot for this year will be the next one, "Remember One Armed Bill Wilson" Six Stages, November 27th.2016. It will take the format as previous years have done with the top shooters drawing their partners, in other  words its a team effort to win the trophy. Nominations are $25.00 which includes a generous lunch served by Minnie Ha Ha. You will find the scores for today right here : Match Final Main Match 11062016.pdf Pictured last years winners Bad Alzima and the Sheriff of Tinstone.



Sunday 22nd November,2015. 
BadAl Sheriff.jpg (283119 bytes)
Six interesting stages were shot today as we remembered One Armed Bill Wilson, Bill was a man who had serious handicaps but was a man that never complained, he just got in an done the job, sure he tried that hard he was a lather of sweat no matter how cold the temperature was. He was determined to succeed, and that he did taking out Bronze at the State Titles the year before he passed over. We had two shooters today that shot the match clean - Mungo and the Sheriff of Tinstone.
The winners of the One Armed Bill Memorial were Bad Al Zima and The Sheriff of Tinstone. Overall winner was Mungo. Minnie Ha Ha served us with a very nice lunch with dessert to boot. Thankyou Minnie Ha Ha. Scores Match Final Main Match 11222015.pdf
The next shoot at The Last Frontier will be on Sunday the 6th.December,2015: Starts bang on 9am. The last shoot for 2015.


onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)Sunday 1st.November,2015.
Shooting today at the Last Frontier was good practice as a lead up for those going to the National Titles later this month, for those heading south good luck and good shooting. It was great to catch up with RC Shot today and pleasureable to shoot with him again. We have two shoots left before Christmas, our next shoot is on the 22nd.November,2015: Starts BANG on 9am. Six Stages to be shot. "Remember One Armed Bill Wilson Memorial Shoot". Nominations $25.00 includes lunch. please phone 54864248 or email sheriff@lastfrontier.com.au to register your attending for catering purposes.
Todays scores are : Match Final Main Match 11012015.pdf

Sunday 23Nov 2014 (598x800).jpg (304610 bytes)Sunday 23Nov 2014 (2) (800x598).jpg (420287 bytes)23rd.November,2014.
"Remember One Armed Bill Wilson" yes we all did today and also we combined the shoot with our Christmas last shoot for the year. Attendance was good and everyone went home smiling. Sure was good to see Lakota and The Teacher back on the range after Lokota's long rehabilitation. A special thank you to Minnie Ha Ha for providing us with a fabulous Christmas dinner. Top Junior shooter today was Lil Backfire pictured. Overall winners of the "Remember One Armed Bill Wilson" Trophy, congratulations goes to Johnson and Mungo, pictured, the scores were close and it was anyone's game.
Minnie Ha Ha and yours truly (the Sheriff), we will take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Click here to see the overall scores for today :Remember One Armed Bill Wilson11232014.pdf

The cloud cover today made for quite pleasant shooting conditions, it was great to see The Swamp Fox return after a long break. I see that with his absence he hadn't lost his touch, congratulations on second place Swampfox. First place was Mungo, Third was Mortimer. First place in Metallic Sillhouette today was Chisholm, congratulations. Our next shoot is "Remember One Armed Bill Wilson" on the fourth Sunday, 23 November,2014. Please nominate early as Minnie Ha Ha needs to know numbers for catering purposes.

onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes) The "Remember One Armed Bill Wilson Shoot" this year will be featured as a one day shoot on Sunday the 23rd.November,2014. (there will be six stages shot.) Last shoot for 2014.
Shooting starts at 9 a.m. 
Nominations : $20.00 includes Sunday lunch.
Rules : Club Rules combined together with SASS Rules will apply.
Please call 0408986253 or email : sheriff@lastfrontier.com.au to register for catering purposes.
Todays scores are here :Match Final Main Match 11022014.pdf


Rowdy Joe1.jpg (74174 bytes)
A great day of Cowboy Action Shooting but we missed the some of the big names today due to some other more important business that had to be dealt with by them, nevertheless I know that they were with us in spirit. Next week is our second last shoot for the year so if you don't have your numbers up for this first six months participation come along and add a shoot to the list. A special thankyou to Jack Beauregard  for obtaining that special one off coverage orange paint for the pistol targets. You will find today's scores right here in the pdf file : Match Final Main Match 24112013.pdf

  • 3rd.November,2013.
    dscn0121.jpg (511625 bytes)
    cowboy13 Most Improved Shooter Grizzly James.jpg (59325 bytes)Today's stages were based on "There's trouble acomin !" as someone asked "Where's the paint?" and at one time we had to "Circle the Wagons!" as to there was "Snakes Alive!!!"A special thankyou to all that made the effort made the day the success that it was, we never had the shower that we had last year but apart from after lunch the weather was quite pleasant. Our most improved shooter for the year was Grizzly James, congratulations Grizzly. We have only three more shoots left to see the year out so make sure your participation rates are up to scratch. Once again we had persons today looking to join up and get their firearms licenses. This is quite encouraging for the shooting sports and in particular Cowboy Action. You will find the scores right here : Match Final Main Match 03112013.pdf


lesmoore.jpg (85984 bytes)Howdy ! well the first six months of the year has slipped by, have you got your required number of shoots up to date for Weapons Licensing? Today's stages were compiled by Mortimer and for those of you that participated I believe you all had a great time. I know that for some of us it wasn't plain sailing however we will be doing something similar next Sunday December 2nd.Why don't you come along ? You are most welcome. Here is the bragging board 25112012.pdf Congratulations Mort.


mungo.jpg (51258 bytes)
Today started with a welcomed shower 9mm. that was left over from last nights clouds, but once the cowboys and cowgirls started arriving it soon passed over ready to return again in the afternoon once the shooting had finished for the day. Pictured is Mungo proud place getter in his category at Cowboy 12 and the Doc Holiday Memorial shoot held at the Last Frontier in September, why don't you start to prepare in readiness for next years event ?  Today's stages were so enjoyable that many wanted to engage them again, just ask Miss Smokey. It was also very pleasing to welcome some new faces to the Last Frontier today, I know that you all had a great time. Look here to find the scores in the pdf file :04112012.pdf Remember only three shoots till Christmas.





Some of our Characters in past times :
AlSundance.jpg (85170 bytes)bill wilson gang1.jpg (128770 bytes)Alice Longshot.jpg (67562 bytes)

bullshotlaramiemort.jpg (102275 bytes)hoppy.jpg (89792 bytes)Bad Ass.jpg (91812 bytes)

johnson's donkey.jpg (125153 bytes)ladynell.jpg (260535 bytes)LorettaLynn.jpg (249974 bytes)

Here's the Scores you were looking for :27112011.pdf

Undertaker.jpg (94092 bytes)Another day of excellent camaraderie with a first class shoot being based on five stages. It was very pleasing to see our new shooters having a go for the first time as well as seeing our visitors from the Gold Coast. The costume contest winner was : Men's B Western shooter Philin. The costume contest winner for the Ladies was new member Jan dressed in B Western. Our second last shoot for the year is on the 27th.November,2011. Here's today's scores.06112011.pdf



gunshop.jpg (39211 bytes)
The Cowboy Action shooting just keeps getting better at the Last Frontier why don't you come along and see?
A reminder that next Sunday, December 5th. is the last shoot at The Last Frontier for 2010. Both myself and Minnie Ha Ha would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2011 January 23rd. for the first shoot of 2011. If you click here on the pdf file you will be able to view today's scores. 28112010.pdf

7th November,2010.
Rowdy Joe.jpg (83550 bytes)As children we all played Cowboys and Indians and given the fact that most of us are still young at heart so why don't you come along and play the Sport of Cowboy Action ? You are very welcome to come along and visit us and see how the West was Won. As always today's scenarios were very enjoyable, just ask anyone that attended and a special welcome to those who visited today for the first time. The scores are here under the pdf file. 07112010.pdf


captam.jpg (110801 bytes)1st November,2008.
"We are on the downhill run" was one of the themes for todays exciting fives stages. Yes, it was proven that you cannot miss faster enough to win. The weather was cool and cloudy with light rain starting as we sat for lunch so if you stayed away anticipating that it would be raining....sorry you missed a fabulous set-up "Gun fight and all". You can see the scores right here click to view the pdf file 01112009.pdf




jjohnson.jpg (73514 bytes)23rd November,2008.
Today saw the first of the scenarios based on the Pat Garrett set-up. The weather was a cool 27 degrees with clear skies and a stiff westerly breeze. Three of the five stages allowed those that had brought their big rifles to use them, some had lever actions others had single shot 45/70s. For those that didn't the stages were set out so no one was disadvantaged. Why don't you come along to the next shoot and have ago ? Today's run down proved to be very popular, some ten rifle shots,10 pistol rounds and numerous shotgun shells were needed to bowl over the targets. Just ask Johnson, he will tell you. You will find the scores by clicking on the pdf file.231108.pdf


idclairebill.jpg (80650 bytes)2nd November,2008.
With the Gold Coast Masters Games on this weekend saw a decline in numbers today, however this didn't dampen the spirits of the ever so keen shooters that did come along. The weather was warm and fine, the action was fast and interesting. Now that the Last Frontier has ample targets to suit the Pat Garrett scenarios with the complements of Captain J.C.Jackson and Pistol Pete who produced them. The Last Frontier will now hold Pat Garrett scenarios at least once a month during the standard five stages. National Rules and bullet velocities apply.
Make sure you bring your big rifle and ammo 'cause you never know when you just might need it. The scores for today are here at the pdf file. 02112008.pdf


November 4th 2007. 
Brought us another perfect day of Cowboy Action at the Last Frontier, the premier shooting range for Cowboy Action. Five fast stages were shot. The weather was great with blue skies and a continuous cooling breeze. There were no losers today, for the exception of course, of those that didn't attend. click on the pdf file to view the scores.041107.pdf



Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier 26th November,2006.
There is only one way to describe a perfect day.....FANTASTIC.
Click on the pdf file 261106.pdf to view the scores.
The Last Frontier is having a "Stagecoach and Buggy Boot Sale" or if you like you can call it a "Frontier Swap Meet" to be held on the Saturday in between the shooting at "The Cowgirl 07" the first weekend in February 07. Bring along those unwanted items like guns, ammo, camping gear, ect ...its your call. Remember your Trash is someone else's Treasure. Bring along those never used guns/rifles and try them out at long range up to 1400feet per second or pistol calibre cowboy silhouette or some of the side matches. Click on the link below to nominate.Get your Nomination form here for "The Cowgirl 07" Don't forget Nominate before December 25th,2006 and be in the running to have your nomination refunded in full.

The Last Frontier 5th November,2006.
A beautiful morning greeted all those that fronted up for the event after the previous day and night of drought breaking rain 61mm in all thats 244points or almost 2.5 inches in old talk for those youngin's that don't understand plain english.
The Action for the day was fast and without any brain teasers and everyone went home all shot-out and very content. Click here to see the scores.0511.pdf
Pictured below is some of the characters from todays shoot. Click on them to view full size.
wyattearp.jpg (94521 bytes)steamer.jpg (100238 bytes)gringo.jpg (83519 bytes)

idclairebill.jpg (80650 bytes)jjohnson.jpg (73514 bytes)onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)

lesmoore.jpg (85984 bytes)bullshotlaramiemort.jpg (102275 bytes)sherifftinstone.jpg (88322 bytes)

slimpickinsmum.jpg (91163 bytes)siringominnietomdooley.jpg (91417 bytes)cptmcfriends.jpg (91129 bytes)

Don't forget the Next Shoot at The Last Frontier is 26th.November,2006. Starts Bang on 9am.

November 27th.2005. Another excellent Shooting Event over 5 Stages. The weather was overcast which kept the temperatures down making for some mighty fine Cowboy Action. The Stages were written by Alvira Sullivan Earp. Thanks Allie. 

December 4th. 2005 is our Christmas Shoot, starts BANG on 9 am for another 5 Stages. This time with a difference. See you at The Last Frontier. I hear from Minnie Ha Ha there might jist be some Christmas Pudding at lunchtime, don't know about the thripences..... 

Placings of the top 20 shooters for November 27th.2005.

2.Douglas Mortimer.
3.The Sheriff.
4.Buster Giggs.
5.Jack O'Hearts.
6.Hoppy A Long.
7.Old Dude.
8.Nebraska Dude.
9.Rick O'Shea.
10.Sundance Kid.
11.Rea Coyle.
13.Blue Star.
14.Minnie Ha Ha.
16.Bull Shot.
17.One Armed Bill Wilson.
18.Slim Pickins.
19.Gary C.
20.Lester Moore.

Placings of the top seventeen shooters for November 6th.2005.

1.Douglas Mortimer.
2.The Sheriff.
3.Rick O'Shea.
4.Old Dude.
6.Nebraska Dude.
7.Cpt.Aug McCrae.
8.Blue Star.
9.Rea Coyle.
10.Minnie Ha Ha.
11.Sundance Kid.
12.Jack the Blade Slade.
14.Dead Eyed Dick.
16.One Armed Bill Wilson.
17.Lester Moore.

Below some pictures taken Boxing Day 2004.

enjoying Boxing Day.jpg (94302 bytes)one armed Bill Wilson.jpg (90890 bytes)johnson.jpg (72794 bytes)

Minnie Ha Ha.jpg (88482 bytes)nebraska.jpg (107624 bytes)Blue Star  Minnie Ha Ha.jpg (96180 bytes)

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