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Sunday 28th,June,2020.
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Once again we had a very cool day ideal for dressing up the Cowboy Way, competition was strong 20 shooters including the silhouette shooters with Philin taking out the honors, runners up were Chance in second place followed by Buster Giggs. New shooter Running Water has upgraded to a more efficient calibre and had no trouble falling the plates on the Tombstone Rack.
 Grisly James was able to win the Senior category.
Why don't you come along next Sunday 5th.July 2020 and enjoy real Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier Shooting Range, Gunalda. Today's Scores are here : match finaltt Main Match 06282020.pdf

Sunday 7th.June,2020.
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An excellent day was had by all, everyone had their bandanas, the most inspiring was Kathouse Kelli who wore a red mask at all times embroidered with the Covid 19 Rules. 
Our overall winner was Cowboy Troy, he also shot the match clean.
Runner up was Kathouse Kelli.
Congratulations to Lilly Laroette for writing the stages and also thankyou to Mad Dog Andersen for helping setup the range. Thankyou to the Teacher and Lakota for helping with the
ropes and painting  setup. You will find the Score Card here :match finaltt 06072020.pdf

Sunday 23rd.June,2019.
gringo.jpg (83519 bytes)After a cool start to the morning, we certainly had a full on day today with plenty of Cowboy Action complete with a stage complementing pistols on the swinger. Congratulations to Mungo, our overall winner today and shooting the match clean as well. Buster Giggs came in as runner up. Congratulations also to all that took the time to make their presence known and to help us celebrate the last shoot for the year. Yes, participation rates have ended for 2019, its time to start again. You will find the scores here : match finaltt Main Match 06232019.pdf

Sunday 2nd.June,2019.
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An Early morning storm today brought us 14mms rain leaving us with virtually a fine morning to shoot out the five stages. Special thank you go out to Mrs.Chisholm ,Chisholm for taking care of Minnie Ha Ha's job whilst she is away and Lakota for painting the complete lot of targets on the range. All of this work is extensive and it needs to be appreciated. Johnson brought us some colour with his black powder shooting, well done Johnson. Thank you Lakota for your time spent filming today.match finaltt Main Match 06022019.pdf

Sunday 24th.June,2018.
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An excellent roll up again today to play, and what a beautiful day it was here at the Last Frontier. Johnny Silva managed to just pip Buster Giggs and took out the honor's overall, Congratulations Johnny. Colleen must also be be given special a thankyou for her diligence with the scoring. Bad Al Zima made short work of the run away bull. Will E Doo took out the Gunfighter place, the Sheriff well he had a different story. Pistol participations are now closed for this financial year. See you next Sunday the 1st.July and we will start it all again. match finaltt Main Match 06242018.pdf


Sunday 3rd.June,2018.
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Our first meet for Winter and what a fantastic day it was, cool start, beautiful day no excuses for not dressing up to play. A Special thank you to Trinity for repairing the badly damaged Tombstone targets, thank you for a job well done. Lakota was our clean match shooter today who shot very well, congratulations Lakota. The rundown stage was won by Chance, congratulations Chance. Congratulations goes to all the other shooters simply for turning up and playing our game of Cowboy Action. After another 2 hours work this afternoon Will E Doo has almost completed restoring his large dump target which he has donated to the club, thank you Will E Doo Gunfighter.
Please note it is regret that I have to announce that as of today lunches will only be served in the future on special shoot days, this is due to the uneconomic's of providing food to be wasted and the efforts involved in the catering, thankyou to those who have continued to support.
match finaltt Main Match 06032018.pdf

Sunday 25th.June,2017.
 aussiejack (1) (598x800).jpg (359682 bytes)There should be no excuses now not to play as now is the time to be dressing up and playing Cowboy Action whilst the weather is cool and the days warm and sunny. A new year has started for your participation attendances so lets get in and have some fun while life still abounds. Remember to renew your license you will still need to show evidence of your participations to renew. Next week 2nd.July, we will be shooting again, the stages will be of International Standard. Overall winner today, congratulations goes to Chance. Metallic Pistol Silhouette over 200 meters Chisholm was the man to beat. Scores today : Match Final Main Match 06252017.pdf

Chuck Wagon (598x800).jpg (370958 bytes)Once again winter is here, but a mighty fine sunny day was the result combined with a terrific posse made for a day of fast fun filled shooting. Congratulations goes to R.C.Shot being the overall winner, and for the rest of us congratulations for being here, it certainly wasn't over "until the fat lady sang". Pearl Star, Old Dude and the Sheriff shot the Chisholm Star clean, congratulations. I would like to take this opportunity in wishing R.C.Shot, Chuck Wagon and Pearl Star the very best of their shooting abilities when they attend the World Championships later in June. Today's scores are right here :Match Final Main Match 06042017.pdf

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We surely had a cool start this morning which turned out be be a glorious warm day. Some shooters were showing slight facial sunburn by lunch time. Another day of excellent shooting of Cowboy Action with five stages by a terrific posse. The Silhouette shooters even had a great time. A special thankyou to Teacher and her offsider Lakota for setting up and painting the targets before and after the shoot. Also special thankyou to Minnie Ha Ha for serving us a tasty lunch in fitting with the day. Overall winner was Chance followed by Philin. Competition between Bad Al Zima and his Junior is starting to hot up with Senior taking a dive on the last stage, up till now its been proven that old age and animal cunning can beat youth and exuberance any day. The next shoot is next weekend 3rd.July,why don't you come along ? You may check the scores right here. Match Final Main Match 06262016.pdf

Sunday, June 5th.2016.
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pictured Left - Right: The Women of The Last Frontier, Lil Backfire, Minnie Ha Ha, Teacher, Queen of Hearts.
Nothing that I can say will describe today's match other then it was interestingly enjoyable, well, the weather, it was cold with that westerly wind that was ever so lazy, it didn't bother to go around you. Thankyou to those that braved the cold conditions to participate, the lunch served by Minnie Ha Ha was well worth staying for. The scores are right here : Match Final Main Match 06052016.pdf

June 28th.2015.
It was said by many that today's events were challenging but at the same time very entertaining. The red bull was all bluff and certainly had control until Jack of Hearts put a stop to him with five well placed shots. Winners of the duel were Johnson and Mungo, well that's another story, I guess you needed to be there to witness the situation. Now the blue train.... well Mortimer and Mungo certainly made very fast work on it even though Johnson had it fully loaded. Maybe you should come along next Sunday 5th. July and check out the action. You may witness the scores right here : Match Final Main Match 06282015.pdf

June 7th. 2015.
A great day for shooting our numbers were down today due it being the long weekend and larger shoots being on at other venues. However I should have mentioned last month shooters are asked to keep in mind their bullet velocities due to the fact that several targets have been damaged by excess loads. Range approvals are for lead projectiles only with the long range targets speeds to no greater then 1400 feet per second. Cowboy Action targets lead projectiles only pistol speeds to 850 feet per second with lever action lead projectiles only speeds  to 1000 feet per second. Thankyou, in keeping to this will allow our targets to remain safe for a longer period.
You may view today's scores right here : Match Final 06072015.pdf

June 22nd. 2014.
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I would like to wish ID Claire and Cpt Augustus success on their competing at the world championships (End of Trail) in America right now. Not a lot to report today, it was great to see Wyatt Earp back and recovering well after his surgery, on the other hand Johnson is still recovering from his ordeal with the surgeon three weeks ago, Minnie Ha Ha is making good progress from her surgery, Lester Moore is still in hospital. Minnie Ha Ha surprised us today with a wonderful lunch with a difference....venison, vegetables and rice, thankyou Minnie Ha Ha. Lakota has repainted the targets (thank you Lakota) in readiness for our next shoot on the 6th. July, starts bang on 9am. You will find the scores right here : Match Final Main Match 22062014.pdf


June 1st.,2014.
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Today the tables turned again with Sundance being the overall winner, he also brought along his collection of medals from which he won at the State Titles and too quite a nice trophy that he won at the "Pioneer Gold" Easter weekend shoot at Dalby, congratulations Sundance. I am sure that if you haven't been to the Last Frontier to shoot you should come along, you will find that we have quite a fun day. Our scores for today are right here : Match Final Main Match 01062014.pdf

June 23rd.2013.
Doc Holliday Winners 2012.jpg (68093 bytes)
What can I say ? The day was cool just the way most cowboys like it, there was no reason to complain about being dressed up as the temperature was fantastic.. The "Doc Holiday Memorial Cowboy 13" two day shoot was discussed after lunch and there is no doubt that the shoot will be an outstanding success on the 31st. August and 1st. September,with MJ and Al Swearigen leading the way. You can get your nomination forms and poster from the pdf files on the homepage. the overall winner today was Mortimer followed closely by Sundance, congratulations to you both. next shoot will be on the 7th.July,2013. Here is the scoreboard for today : 23062013.pdf

June 2nd.2013.
ladynell.jpg (260535 bytes)Cowboy Action, what a wonderful game, yes its the closest you will ever get to the wild west without having a time machine. Welcome today to Sam McGee who came to experience shooting at the Last Frontier seemed he couldn't stop smiling, must have been having a great time and he was a good shot also.
The weather, well that was just fantastic. Don't forget you will get to put your ideas in for Cowboy 13 and the Doc Holiday Memorial Shoot to be held 31st. August and 1st. September, 2013 here at The Last Frontier. Check today's scores here : 02062013.pdf

June 24th.2012.
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What a fun filled day was had by all that attended, yes once again five challenging stages. Next week you can bring your Pat Garret gear for a stage or two, we will start to get the cobwebs out in readiness...well one never knows what for do we? Today's lucky door prize of two Ruger Vaqueros .357M New Models went to Jack Beauregard. Congratulations Jack. The Last Frontier has decided to, without previous warning from time to time to hand out to the person attending a shoot who's name is drawn from the barrel a lucky door prize. Guess you want to see today's scores :24062012.pdf

June 3rd. 2012.
actionsheriff.jpg (98772 bytes)Where were you today, did the rain put you off coming or did you sleep in this morning ? Oh dear, shame you missed a wonderful day of shooting. The day was fine but warm with the sun shining through the scattered thin lining of cloud.
A reminder that participation records need to be in by the 30th. June for those members that don't already have theirs at the Club. 
The next shoot is on the 24th.June,2012.
You will find the scores here 03062012.pdf

IDClaire1.jpg (70713 bytes)
If you want to have a great day of Cowboy Action at its best with great company, why don't you come along and see what its all about ? Yes its on again next Sunday 3rd.July at The Last Frontier. Just ask anyone that was here for directions. A special thanks goes today to Mort and Angela for the donation of the mighty fine BBQ and a special thanks to Al Swearegin for the delivery of it.
Click here Cowboy 11 Flyer & Noms 3.pdf to print it out. Click here to see today's scores : 26062011.pdf

Wyatt Earp.jpg (76698 bytes)News to hand :
All Shooters coming to Cowboy 11 and the Doc Holiday Memorial Event and not shooting Cowboy Clays nor the Pat Garrett Scenarios please bring along some extra ammo for your lever action cowboy rifle and also a Rimfire calibre lever action rifle if you have one or at least some .22 low velocity ammo. I hear today from the organizers that special events will be held on the Saturday for these competitors. Sounds very interesting doesn't it ?
Once again today's scenarios were quite challenging and you will find the scores here at the pdf file.05062011.pdf

Mort Pistol.jpg (90482 bytes)
I firstly would like to congratulate Cpt Augustus McCrae for his Gold Medal and I.D.Claire with her Silver Medal for their wins at the N.S.W.State Titles last week. For today as with most days here at the Last Frontier conditions were fine and the shooting excellent. Todays Pat Garrett winner was our junior shooter Little Joe seen in the picture below.Nominations have now started to roll in for the Doc Holliday Memorial Shoot, should you not have a nomination form you can download one from here on the homepage. A reminder that Club Memberships are now due for renewal and new Members are always Welcome. Click on the pdf file to
see your scores for today.27062010.pdf


LittleJoeBadAl.jpg (104637 bytes)Today was practice day for those going to the N.S.W. State Titles next weekend and I would like to wish those intending to go my sincere best wishes. Five stages were shot today some of which were based on a slightly different format thus allowing shooters to face unforeseen circumstances when competing in the bigger events. The weather was absolutely perfect Cowboy Action conditions at The last Frontier today, just ask anyone that was here. Nominations have now started to roll in for the Doc Holliday Memorial Shoot, should you not have a nomination form you can download one from here on the homepage. A reminder that Club Memberships are now due for renewal and new Members are always Welcome. Click on the pdf file to see your scores for today. 06062010.pdf

"Ah,June Last Frontier style." was the comment from one of our visiting shooters today "Didn't know there was so much fun being had here, I should have been here sooner. Why didn't someone tell me how good this place was?" Well I guess its up to all of us to spread the word and to continually invite other shooters and likewise persons to visit and experience for themselves what most of us take for granted here at the Last Frontier. Very pleasant conditions with clear skies after a week with 61 mm of rain provided for an excellent day of Cowboy Action. A few stayed behind after lunch and played Cowboy Clays, congratulations One Armed Bill Wilson on your achievement in smokin' those clays. A reminder that yearly Memberships are now due with no increase in the renewal fee from that of previous years. For your Membership Renewal form Click on this pdf file.Renewal2009.pdf
The Pat Garrett shoot was won today by Wild Bill Fisher. For todays Main Match scores click here on the pdf file.28062009.pdf

Well the day spoke for itself..a perfect day with fair dinkcum Cowboy Action at its best. Several stages required the use of the bigger rifles if you remembered to bring them along, if not the smaller rifles saved the scenario. Stage One at the Fort proved to be a bit of a challenge with some shooting the hostages, opps... now that wasn't the way to go was it....Smile. Numbers were down today due to another shoot that was on this weekend ....well, so rumors have it. To find todays scores click on this pdf file.070609.pdf

First of all I would like to send a special thank you to all cowboys/cowgirls who took the time to visit me in the Noosa Hospital and to all that sent me their best wishes for a speedy recovery. To all of you, Thank you. God is Good. The end result was Great the Tumor was totally removed and no Kemo is required.
A Special thanks to Johnson and Lester Moore for their assistance in today's setup and thank you to the willing workers that put all the stuff away. The shoot was over five stages to make your trigger finger itchy and shot in perfect conditions. Johnson shot the match clean and Mortimer was the overall winner,congratulations. Click on the pdf file to view the scores. 220608.pdf


June 24th.2007: 38 Shooters turned up to enjoy the Spring weather that had returned today at the Last Frontier after the few days of cold weather that we had been receiving. A  special thanks to Rick O'Shea, Wyatt Earp and Siringo for their help in setting up the five stages for the days competition. Shooting was a bit slow at getting started today, our usual start time of 9am Bang on time...well that didn't happen, however all stages were completed by 1 pm. Paskinel, Alice Longshot and Hawken were our most northern visitors today with junior shooter Hawken keeping the pressure on our local junior shooter Little Joe. Great competition fellas. See you all next week 1st July, 2007 ..there is no excuse not to get those costumes on. Click on the pdf file to view the scores for today.240607.pdf


June 3rd.2007 : Today the weather was overcast with a top temperature of 21 degrees, a perfect day for dress up no one was complaining except Col.D.Mortimer who had terrible equipment failure, yep ever heard of 3 shots at a time out of two barrels, just ask Mort. and he will tell you all about it.. Eighteen cowboys and cowgirls turned up for a repeat of last weeks rained out Cowboy Action. As normal five terrific Last Frontier type stages were in the line-up for the days shooting program. Yes, even the Pickerton's were still waiting in ambush on the wagon at the Frontier Railway Station, not forgetting to mention that the Sheriff...well he forgot to keep his head down. Even the Shady Ladies were still in trouble... I know you like to see the scores so click here on the pdf files.030607.pdf 030607cat.pdf

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June 25th.2006: "The Magnificent Seven Shoot" another One Armed Bill Wilson presentation, the only losers were those shooters that didn't show up. 
Congratulations One Armed Bill. 
The Winning Costumes for the day went to Nebraska Dude and Blue Star. (pictured below)
Stage#4 One Arm reproduced the Scenario where by the Magnificent Seven prepare the defenses of the village and try to teach the villages how to shoot  against the raiding bandits. Shooter started standing at the centre table with rifle at port arms...Shouted "Pablo,your shootin' lousy,shoot like this...."
Click on the pdf file 2506.pdf to see the scores for the day.
Next Shoot Sunday 2nd.July,2006.
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June 4th.2006 : Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, well what did you think of One Armed Bill Wilson's down in Mexico shoot....wasn't it a bobby dazzler...knife throwing and even shooting out of a hearse. Today we had the pleasure of having a visiting International Shooter from Canada, Tyrell,and visiting shooter from Cairns in far north Queensland, Nasty Dave.
YES the shoot was that good I have been asked can we repeat it, so by popular demand we are going to re-shoot "The Magnificent Seven" 5 stages on Sunday the 25th.June,2006.
Click here 0406.pdf to view the scores.
The top three shotgun shooters were : 
The Sheriff    19
Wild Bill        15
Tyrell             13


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rainontherange.jpg (91618 bytes)onearmedreadytoride.jpg (93125 bytes)mountainman.jpg (104241 bytes)