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Attention : Please be advised that the Range will be closed Easter Day April 4th. 2021. There will be no Cowboy Action that day.


Sunday 28th.February,2021.
GrisleyFeb15.jpg (74919 bytes)
A fantastic day was had by all, a special thankyou to Vaquero Diego who spent  Thursday replacing the carpet on the loading tables and blowing the range clean of fallen leaves. I must not forget the Chisholm Gang for the manufacture and installation of the new Tombstone Rack, thankyou Once again thankyou to Lakota and the Teacher for the setup and preparation of this weeks stages, thankyou.there was certainly an effort made today to be in the spirit of the game by living up to the wild west dress code by the ,numbers of costumes the winner of the costume contest was Shelly Fisher. congratulation; The next shoot will be over five stages on the 7th.March,2021.Starts at 9am.Todays scores here: match finaltt Main Match 20282021

Sunday 7th February 2021.
LakatoShotGun.jpg (95821 bytes)
Today was one of simplicity and speed for those that could manage it, a couple of well known shooters had a few breakdowns thus effecting the final results. It was great to see Buster Giggs back in top form again, clear skies made for warm conditions. The stages were well thought out and setup by the Teacher and Lakota,thankyou.The next Shoot date 9am 28th. February,2021. The Scores are here :match finaltt 02072021.pdf


Sunday 23rd.February,2020.
Jack Pearl Chuck.JPG (1037489 bytes)Another day of great shooting today at the Last Frontier. The rain stayed away until it was all over. Congratulations to Mungo and Pearl Starr who were the leaders in the field. It was certainly great to see the Gold Coast representatives, Thankyou. Check the scores here : match finaltt Main Match 02232020.pdf

Sunday 2nd.February,2020.
MinnieHaHaLil Backfire.jpg (217218 bytes) It was certainly a great day for the first shoot for 2020. Thank you to Vaquero Diego and his small posse of helpers that setup a great match. Due to health reasons the Sheriff of Tinstone is out of action until the end of July. I guess the time has come now for the responsibility to be shared for the Club to continue. Thank you to Daisy Meadows for her efforts towards Minnnie Ha Ha's Birthday cake/celebrations. You will find to days scores here in the pdf file:
match finaltt 02022020.pdf



Sunday 24th.February,2019.
bullshotlaramiemort.jpg (102275 bytes)
Well today's weather was great for dressing up and playing cowboys and cowgirls. The Overall winner and clean shooter was Mortimer. Other clean shooters were Princess Running Water and Buster Giggs. Winner of the Cowboy Clays event was Buster Giggs with runner up, Johnny Silva. New shooter English Bob was made welcome. Why don't you come along and shoot it with us next Sunday 3rd.March. Today's Scores are here : match finaltt Main Match 03242019.pdf

Sunday 3rd.February,2019.
BayShootout98.jpg (105149 bytes)
A much cooler day for dressing up and playing Cowboys and Cowgirls, Silhouette shooters from Brisbane, Caboolture and Tin Can Bay also attended the monthly Centrefire Pistol shoot over 200 metres, no results to hand at this point in time. Cowboy Action results are a little scattered today due to broken firing pins and the weather conditions. Pictured is Western Action history from almost 21 years ago compliments of The Gympie Times May 1998,click on it to view full size. Today, Johnny Silva was the overall winner with Sheriff of Tinstone runner up, Farron West in Third place. The scores are here : match finaltt Main Match 03032019.pdf 

Sunday 25th.February,2018.
Another great day of shooting in fine conditions after the past couple of days where the Last Frontier had had 198mms of rain, well all was going to plan today until 11.30am when a short storm broke loose dumping 8 mms of rain on our last stage for the day. After that the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon. Amazing Grace was kind enough to take the above video for RC Shot. Yes it was a day when fair dincum cowboys and cowgirls came to play.We had the pleasure today of shooting with World Champion Lady Wrangler Kathouse Kelli aka Amazing Grace here in Aussie and her partner Jack Aroo,visitors from the Gold Coast Club Pearl Star and Chuck Wagon also attended. Checkout the scores and see the total times for Amazing Grace and Pearl Star. Our next shoot will be next week on the 4th.March.match finaltt Main Match 02252018.pdf

Sunday 4th.February,2018.
gringo.jpg (83519 bytes)
So sorry you couldn't make it to The Last Frontier today. The yesterday's and over night rain 47mms in total, had totally cleared away by 6am this morning, making for excellent shooting conditions today. The Wild Bill Gang had a great time shooting from the Fort, the Chisholm Gang failed to show for today's competition. The Sheriff of Tinstone shot the match clean and was the overall winner with Johnny Sylva being the runner up. Captain Whiplash had problems with his glasses and came home in third place. Score Board is here : match finaltt Main Match 02042018.pdf


Sunday 26th.February,2017.
Will E Doo (598x800).jpg (321556 bytes)
2017 Winter Range at Phoenix Arizona concluded today with 749 shooters taking part, our member Renegade Ty was fortunate that he was able to compete, we trust that he had a fantastic experience at seeing a shoot of this magnitude. Guess he will have quite a bit to tell on his return. Today at The Last Frontier five scenarios kept us well and truly entertained with The Sheriff cleaning the match, congratulations to Sundance Kid who was the overall winner, both Buster Giggs and Bad Alzima won their categories. Interested in taking home a "Crocodile Dundee" knife see Buster Giggs for details.Scores are here : Match Final Main Match 02262017.pdf


Sunday 5th.February,2017.
RenegadeTy.jpg (181259 bytes)
There was certainly some fast shooting happening today at The Last Frontier, a great day supported by a good attendance, thankyou all. The day was a little warmer than previous, however the shooting was all over in good time. Welcome to our new shooter Roland and also, Welcome back Nebraska Dude. Our visiting shooters today were Johnny Behan and Sam McGee.Birthday Boy today pictured is Renegade Ty. Todays match was won overall by RC Shot with Mungo in second place with his Old Army cap & ball revolvers. Once again Chisholm took out top place at Metallic Pistol Sillhouette over 200 metres with a score of 30/40.Our next shoot is on the 26th February,2017. Scores for today : Match Final 02052017.pdf


Sunday 28th. February,2016.
DouglasMortimer.jpg (99302 bytes)
The Last Frontier Cowboy Action, such a great place to hone your skills ready for the go away matches, why don't you come along and see how its done ? You may just get hooked on being in the wild west just short of being on a time machine.
Today's shoot provided plenty of


Sunday 7th. February,2016.
IMG_0811 (598x800).jpg (431272 bytes)
Another great shoot,
must remember to stop slipping off the hammer, seems there is no bonus for practicing when the timer is going. Clean match shooter was Lakota, congratulations also goes to our overall winner Mungo.Thankyou must go to Chisholm for making our new targets, the Chisholm Star worked very well,thankyou. New Club member Bad Al Junior shot for his first time at the Last Frontier today,he must remember that old age and animal cunning can beat youth and exuberance any day.Go Bad Al. You will find the scores right here : Match Final Main Match 02072016.pdf



Sunday 1st.February,2015.
MortimerFeb15.jpg (74073 bytes)GrisleyFeb15.jpg (74919 bytes)JohnsonFeb15.jpg (84972 bytes)KarateFeb15.jpg (83148 bytes)RenegadeFeb15.jpg (76147 bytes)
Today was a much cooler day then it was for last weeks shoot, I guess we are heading towards winter much faster then we realize with one month gone in 2015 already. Great to see all of our serious shooters here today to see if they could out do their shoot times from last week. Our local photographer Siringo was here also taking a few shots in his spare time, check how many empty shells are in the air, I can find three, how about you ? Well done Siringo. Match Final Main Match 01022015.pdf

Sunday 23rd.February,2014.
AlSundance.jpg (85170 bytes)
Perfect Climatic conditions were given to us today and more then an enjoyable day was had by all that attended. I must apologize as the scores today are only of that of Posse # 1 due to some minor technical breakdown of computer data. Hopefully I will have the situation back under control in readiness for next weeks shoot. Bad Alzima has provided some of the Stages for next weeks shoot which starts Bang on 9am,thankyou Bad Al. It is very pleasing to see Buster Giggs well on his come back trail. Just wonder what he has in mind ? Our overall winner today was Sundance Kid, congratulations to you, you shot very well considering your badly blistered hand. I trust that it has completely healed before next weeks competition. Scores for today as I have them : Match Final Main Match 02232014.pdf

Sunday 2nd February,2014.
Firstly a warm Welcome and Happy New Year to all those shooters out there no matter what disciplines you shoot. We had a very pleasant day today at the Last Frontier with scenarios of a different twist then those that we had been used to. Like always some of us just needed to blame the firearm for our mishaps. Once again the weather was very kind to us offering us cool, shaded, but extreme drought conditions, a complete opposite from last year wereas we had 576mm of torrential rain leaving the Last Frontier and many other areas completely isolated. I must go now and help Jack Beauregard as he is concreting the foundations for our new Telegraph Office. Oh, here is today's scores. Match Final Main Match 02022014.pdf

Sunday 24th.February,2013.
sprungbuckboard1.jpg (476473 bytes)Another great day was had by all those that attended, the weather was quite pleasant. I guess you might say the lull before the predicted storms and more flooding supposably coming our way. This last week produced 120mm of rain and localised flooding and the predictions are offering more this time...... Lakota shot the match clean today, congratulations. The Last Frontier shoots again next Sunday 24th.March, 2013. Will you be here to enjoy the Last Frontiers hospitality?
Pictured : Minnie Ha Ha shooting out of the wagon in the early days of the Last Frontier, shooting like grease lightning her hand had slipped out of the lever on her .357 Marlin rifle.
You will find the scores for today right here : 24022013.pdf

Sunday 3rd.February,2013. 
Today was the first shoot for 2013 and what an exciting day it was and an excellent roll up too, thankyou. The weather was perfect just the complete opposite to that of last weekend when we had 576 mm of rain which made the Last Frontier un-visitable with all the flooding. Today we made up for that with five outstanding Stages. Two shooters shot the match clean, Bad Alzima and Grissley James... congratulations to you both. Check in from time to time for info on our new match called "Shooting the Wild Frontier" you can even use your .45acp semi autos. Todays scores are here : 03022013.pdf


Sunday 26th.February,2012.
First of all a special thankyou to all of you that tried to make it to the Last Frontier today but were hampered by the flooding of the Mary River....never mind we will be shooting again next Sunday 4th. March,2012. You may like to checkout the Last Frontier Shooting Club on Facebook and maybe make some positive suggestions. Here are todays scores : 26022012.pdf

Sunday5feb2012.jpg (83641 bytes)
Another warm day made in the shade of the trees a welcome place today but not to worry the days are getting shorter and of course the cooler days are not very far away. It was great to see Siringo return today for the first time since his major surgery. Welcome back Siringo.  Most of us had a hard time catching our horse today not to mention remembering its name....Smile and there was the sharing out of the gold at Frontier Junction. Did you miss out ? Why don't you come along and join in the fun at The Last Frontier ? Get the details from the homepage. Here are the scores :05022012.pdf

27th February,2011.
GrisleyJamesRoosterCockburn.jpg (82595 bytes)Firstly a special thankyou to the visitors that came along today interested in joining the Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc. I know that you have found a sport being the closest thing to the Wild West without going looking for in a Time Machine. Today was the last run of repeat scenarios, next week there will be five stages all with new content. Just the same it is interesting to compare the times of past similar events. Congratulations goes to both Cpt.Jackson and Wyatt Earp who shot the five stages clean. Todays scores are here in the pdf file.27022011.pdf


6th February,2011.
GrisleyJamesRoosterCockburn.jpg (82595 bytes)Pictured is Rooster Cockburn blasting the pop-can in one of today's action packed scenarios. The day was quite warm and cloudy after the very early morning rain at 6am.This was followed by pleasant dry conditions until the last shot was fired for the morning.....then the Heaven's opened and down came the rain. When lunch was finished and it was time for all to head off home the sun came out again shining brightly. A wonderful day of shooting was had by all, thankyou for coming along. Why don't you pay us a visit and see the benefits of joining The Last Frontier Shooting Club ? Click here for the scores of the day's events.06022011.pdf

28th February,2010.
LoadingBlack.jpg (84749 bytes)alabama1.jpg (65699 bytes)Adverse weather reporting kept some of the well know shooters away today but still the diehard were here with guns a blazing.
An enjoyable five stages were shot featuring some trick shooting at the Opal Mine and a few lessons were taught on Stage 5 by Buckskin Leslie using his wife as an in between the targets. Due to his expert teaching skills no harm came to his wife. You will be able to get similar skills next week 7th March,2010. Be there and get square.
Only 8 mm of rain fell in one heavy shower during the match. Today's scores are here 28022010.pdf

7th February,2010.
MortRifle.jpg (107903 bytes)badal3.jpg (109680 bytes)LesterMoore1.jpg (70465 bytes)
Firstly I would like to Lakota Cpt AugMc.jpg (81084 bytes)thank the Cowboys and Cowgirls that braved the wet conditions today and made our shoot an enjoyable one. Yes,19 mm of rain fell during the five courses of fire, I guess in a way the conditions were quite pleasant as we were forced to take shelter only twice.For those that shot the previous shoot, then you will be able to compare your scores that are located by clicking on the pdf file.07022010.pdf


22nd ladynell.jpg (260535 bytes)February,2009.
Top temperature today was 30 degrees but a cooling southerly made for pleasant shooting conditions. The cowboys started rolling in at 8am ready for the days competition. It was also pleasing to see visitors coming for a look see. Thanks Cpt Augustus and I.D.Claire for issuing out the invitations. Also a very Special Thankyou to the man that was Doc Holidays lifetime mate Bill Neville,for the perpetual trophy " Rest Easy Macca Old Mate" he made in honour of his mate". This award will be won at the Doc Holiday Memorial Shoot the first shoot in September. Pat Garrett was won by Lane.Todays scores are here in the pdf file. 22022009.pdf


ld5.jpg (90888 bytes)1st February,2009
Yes, good shooting weather again today at The Last Frontier. A mild cloudy day made for fast shooting scores. It was pleasing to see the southern shooters here again, as one of them told me "The Last Frontier is one of the premier places to get in some top practise". Winners of the Pat Garrett were Wild Bill Fisher & Bull Shot. One Armed Bill was well again after last weeks burn out and he was back in good form. No Pony just clipped Alabama shooting times, I recond' he will have to watch out otherwise he may have to walk home in the future. Mohawk didn't drop his gun today and showed us some mighty fine shooting. Checkout the pdf file to view the scores. 01022009.pdf



February 24th 2008. the "Lonesome Dove Shoot"
The six stages today were taken from the movie Lonesome Dove expertly compiled and presented by Rick O'Shea and Reacoyle. Thankyou Rick and Recoyle. 
Trophies were donated by Rick Recoyle Johnson and Ugly Al. 
A special thankyou to you all. Those that were presented with trophies are listed below.
Top Gun went to Minnie Ha Ha. 
First past the post Sheriff of Tinstone.
Last past the post Wyatt Earp. 
Black Powder Cisco. 
Classic Cowboy Sundance Kid. 
49ers Mowhawk. 
Traditional Kilburnie Kid. 
First old Farts Mortimer. 
Spirit of the Game Crossdraw Jack and Shelley. 
Spirit of the Game Bear. 
Marlin Award Little Joe.  
Best Dressed Miss Lorena went to Kitty Jewell. 
Best Dressed Pee Eyed Parker went to One Armed Bill Wilson. Rick O'Shea and Reacoyle would like to thank all shooters that attended Lonesome Dove and made it a very enjoyable shoot. See you all on the Range again soon. Click on the pdf file 240208.pdf to view the overall results.
Scroll down to see some of the well known names that attended Lonesome Dove at The Last Frontier.

ld3.jpg (71281 bytes)ld1.jpg (106885 bytes)ld2.jpg (103382 bytes)

ld4.jpg (94729 bytes)ld5.jpg (90888 bytes)

Click on the above pictures to view full size.


February 25th 2007.
Saw quite a cool day with a couple of intermittent showers pass over the Last Frontier. There were plenty of smiles to go around with five challenging stages being shot, everyone present had a ball. After lunch when it was time to clean-up the range the day warmed to 28degrees.Thankyou to the regular workers for making my job just that little bit easier. To view your scores click here on the pdf file 250207.pdf. The next shoot is next weekend 4th March,2007.

"The Cowgirl 07" February 3rd & 4th 2007.
Australia's first Stagecoach and Buggy Boot Sale followed by the Long Range Rifle categories, Cowgirl/Cowboy Silhouette, Cowgirl/Cowboy Clays, Pumpkin Shoot, then 10 action packed Main Stages.
To those persons that could not make it due to ill health and there was quite a few of you, we hope that you all get well very soon. To those that did not come because of other excuses, we feel sorry for you as you missed an incredible joyous weekend of comradeship and Cowboy Action and a fabulous Talent Quest hosted by Ripley Rose. The weather was extremely pleasant and a cool breeze made the weekend even more enjoyable. The Early Nomination Winner was Morgan Earp. The top Cowgirl placing went to I.D.Claire. Top Cowboy went to Terror. The Encouragement Award went to Little Joe. The Talent Quest was won by Rick O'Shea. Click on the pdf file to view the scores.Cowgirl07.pdf

February 26th.2006.sunday26.jpg (100943 bytes)LesterMoore.jpg (117838 bytes)The morning started with a couple of light showers and a temperature of 22c deg.(ie.66f.degrees for our American friends) and reaching a maximum of 31c (89f).Five demanding stages were shot and all present had a good time. We had two visitors today from the United Kingdom. They tell me that real bullets and pistols and dressing up in the Spirit of the Game are not allowed in the UK. Now that is something to think about. So to all you shooters in Australia its time to put Australian apathy aside and start participating in your Clubs Events before its too late.
Click on these files below to download the scores.
260206.pdf   26026.pdf
Next Shoot will be produced and presented by Jack the Blade Slade at The Last Frontier March 5th2006.

February 5th. 2006. Was a very warm overcast day at The Last Frontier. Eighteen keen shooters lined up to shoot the "Ripley Rush" with a few minor alterations added to it to suit the range. The Gunfighter category was strongly contested with Will E Doo taking out the honours followed by Rick O'Shea, Jack the Blade Slade and Johnson.
Nebraska Dude was in top form coming in at fourth place overall and One Armed Bill Wilson won the Duellist category.
Click on these files to download the scores.
 050206.pdf   0502.pdf

Where did that cork go.jpg (341955 bytes)

Pictured above :February 27th. 2005.Doc and Matte Holiday's wedding at The Last Frontier.
Below : One Armed Bill Wilson

  1. Inspector Bill Wilson.jpg (383440 bytes)


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